About Artbox Ltd.

Artbox Ltd is a new and exciting company set up by Sas and Chris in 2016, both are not only friends but have also worked together on various projects.

Sas and Chris are always looking to promote new and different artists from around the world seeking out art with a real point of difference or that special twist.

The first artist they have chosen to work with is Tracey Keller from Australia.  Tracey’s work caught Sas’s eye whilst she was living in Australia, in fact she was so impressed with her work she purchased many pieces.  Sas has continued adding to her ever growing Tracey Keller collection.  I think everyone will agree that Tracey’s work is unique, quirky and makes you smile and will definitely brighten up anywhere.

When she returned to the UK she received such amazing compliments on her collection that her and Christina decided to bring some colour into everyone’s lives and Artbox Ltd was born.

Both have a real passion for Art and understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  Every house is unique and by adding colour and personality it transforms it into a home.

Sas and Chris already have other artists eager to work with them so watch this space!